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The Cubie 120 is the entry into the world of two-wheeled mobility and features several useful details not often found in balance bikes. The light Cubie 120 is perfect for learning balance and gaining confidence.

Cube Sting WLS Hybrid 120 SL

The new Sting WLS Hybrid 120 seamlessly blends the perfect trail bike with a fleet-footed, powerful e-MTB. 

Cube 2016 Stereo 120 HPA Race Black/Blue

The latest evolution of this bike once again sets new standards in trail performance. It offers pure riding pleasure, whether on twisty singletrack or a multi-day alpine epic.

Cube 2016 Hyde Pro Black White

The Hyde Pro is a true urban lifestyle bike for riders who appreciate style as much as they do function. This is a bike that'll take on any terrain.

Cube 2016 Litening C:62 Carbon n Green

The exclusive combination of the newly developed C:62 carbon and a complete Shimano Ultegra groupset makes an exceptionally fast and light racing machine.

Cube 2016 Litening C:68 Race Teamline

Under the sleek CUBE Teamline looks there's a high-end race bike built for aspiring pros. Dura Ace transmission guarantees maximum performance in the toughest racing conditions.


Mondraker has been enjoying huge success in the global markets, but in particular within the UK trail riding and Enduro scene thanks to their industry-leading Forward Geometry. 

Cube 2016 Agree C:62 Race Disc Carbon/Flash Red

With the Agree C:62 Race Disc you're onto a winner.  It sets the pace with Shimano's matchless Ultegra groupset bolted onto a completely new carbon frame.

Cube 2016 Agree C:62 Pro Carbon/Red

The Agree C:62 Pro sets new standards in the endurance race bike category. It's unsurpassed in its combination of dynamic handling and comfort.

Cube 2016 Agree C:62 Disc Carbon/White

When Cube choose to put hydraulic disc brakes on a high tech carbon frame, there's a good reason for it. The Agree C:62 Disc clearly belongs in the performance class of the carbon fibre race bikes.

Mondraker 2016 Dune blue / orange - Medium

For 2016 the Dune is a faster stronger more confident riding experience. Mondraker Dune is a full suspension enduro mountain bike that will smash the descents and pedal efficiently back to the top of the hill.

Cube 2016 Reaction GTC Pro x2 Carbon/Flash Red

If it says "PRO" on Cube bikes, they don't compromise. This starts with a very light but stiff carbon frame and ends with high quality features including a 2x11 XT drive group. 

Cubie 120 Green Rose Kids Balance Bike

The Cubie 120 is the entry into the world of two-wheeled mobility and features several useful details not often found in balance bikes. The light Cubie 120 is perfect for learning balance and gaining confidence in rolling. 

Cube 2016 Touring Exc Trapeze Sunburnt / Metallic

The Touring EXC is the perfect bike for longer rides, day to day use or just to get out in the fresh air and exercise - or all of these things, all at once! Hydraulic disc brakes and 27 gears work seamlessly together.

Cube 2016 Litening C:62 Pro Blackline

The superlight C:62 frame, slick performance of the electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset and exclusive component selection mean this bike's competitors will have a hard time matching it.

Cube 2016 Attain Blue/Black

The Attain is an introduction to the world of silent freewheeling, competitive drafting... and speed. 

Cube 2016 Nutrail Pro Fat Bike 19 inch Metal / Green

When the road disappears into the clouds or under the snow, that's when you need a bike with special qualities.  Fat tyres alone don't make a Fatbike, but Cube's brand new NUTRAIL PRO guarantees unlimited fun.

Cube 2016 Kid 240 Girl White / Blue

In the transition between a youth bike and an adult MTB, the CUBE 240 has everything the big bikes do.

LOOK Bike 695ZR Ultegra Aksium Pro Team

LOOK Bike 695ZR Ultegra Aksium Pro Team a bike known to provide unparallelled performance thanks to levels of integration never seen before.

Yeti SB5C Beti X01 Womens Full Suspension Small Coral Pink

The Yeti SB5c Beti X01 is for women who are looking for the ultimate full suspension trail bike. It features award winning SB5c frame with Switch Infinity suspension and customized women's specific components.

Yeti SB6c Frame Medium Green

The SB6c is Yeti’s new ‘super bike’. The frame, when custom built into a bike, is a better climber and descender than its predecessor SB66c, proving to be light, confident and capable. 

Yeti Big Top 29 inch Hardtail Frame

One look at this Yeti Arc Big Top frame confirms the hardcore intent. This Yeti frame will deliver a tough and capable cross-country ride. Yeti is a name that makes riders sit up and pay attention.

Mondraker 2016 Vantage R+ 27.5+ Large

For 2016 the Vantage is available in 27.5+ to give a compromise for the fat curious. With traction to rival a fat bike but less drag than the true fat tyres, 27.5+ offers benefits to all types of riders and riding conditions.

Mondraker 2015 Factor RR Large

The Factor is Mondraker's premier short travel trail bike. Delivering 120mm of travel and utilising the same technologies as its bigger brothers. The Factor is the perfect companion for trail centres and all day excursions.

Genesis 2014 Volare 00 56cm

The Volare 00 utilising Reynolds’ 631 tubeset and a full Shimano Tiagra 10-speed groupset. A road race machine for riders who prefer a distinctive bike and appreciate the finer ride characteristics.

Mondraker 2016 Foxy R - Medium

The Mondraker Foxy R is quick and confident on challenging terrain. With its dialled trail geometry, 140mm of full suspension travel and quality component spec the Foxy is ready for adventure.

Mondraker 2014 Tracker RR 19 29er Black

The trail category is better represented than ever by the Mondraker Tracker RR 29er Bike 2014. It is the best option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of full suspension in a 29er. 

Mondraker 2014 Factor 29er Blue/Black 19 inch



Mondraker 2016 Factor XR - Large No Description Available
Cube 2015 Litening C68 Pro 56cm

The Cube Litening C68 Pro Blackline 2015 is built to be ridden fast by riders who never shy away from a race in both friendly and competitive conditions.

Cube 2015 Litening C68 SL Teamline 58cm

The Lightening C68 SL is a featherweight responsive riding machine, that will find favour with perfectionist racers and lightweight connoisseurs alike. 

Cube 2016 Acid Grey / Flash Orange

The Cube Acid hardtail tackles tricky trail sections quicker than you'd think. With its high quality frame (27.5 or 19 inch), neutral handling and performance-orientated features, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Cube 2016 Aim 27.5 Bermuda / Kiwi

The Aim - available for the first time in 2016 with 27.5 inch wheels - is a dependable aluminium hardtail with a comfortable ride position and durable 24 gear transmission. It's the ideal starting point for your first adventures off-road.

Cube 2016 Kid 160 Girl Pink

The Cube 160 makes sure that entering the world of real bicycling will be a good and fun experience. With its 16" wheels the bike keeps that simple and confident handling feel needed to make learning to ride enjoyable.

Cube 2016 Kid 200 Teamline Black / Red / Blue

The Cube 200 has an easy to use 7-speed drive train and rim brakes front and rear. While being perfectly suited for everyday use, the Cube 200 is also the gateway to the first off-road experiences of our little ones.

Cube 2016 Kid 160 Green / Blue / Black

The Cube 160 makes sure that entering the world of real bicycling will be a good and fun experience. With its 16" wheels the bike keeps that simple and confident handling feel needed to make learning to ride a bike enjoyable.

Cube 2016 Cross Race Pro Red / Black

 The Cube Cross Race Pro is the perfect choice for cyclocross enthusiasts. Perfectly suited to tackling the next race series over the winter, but also proven as a versatile off-season training bike. 

Cube 2016 LTD Pro Green/Kiwi

Limited PRO: now Cube is getting down to business. Up-to-the-minute aluminium frame and high-end features provide the ideal foundation for a sporty, all round hardtail. 

Cube 2016 LTD Race Blue/Aqua

Better tie your shoes tighter when you climb aboard the Race 2X. It has one of the best aluminium frames ever developed by Cube engineers. It feels as good on the trail as it does on the race course. 

Cube 2016 LTD SL 2X Red/Flash Red

As the range-topper in the Limited Series, the LTD SL 2X has the high quality aluminium frame and high end components that are bound to inspire looks of envy amongst other riders, as well as providing the best performance out on the trail.

Cube 2014 LTD Race 29er Black

The LTD Race 29 is a fast, sporty 29er hardtail for performance-driven riders. ARG geometry combines the excellent riding performance of a 29" bike and the usual agility of a 26" MTB.

Cube 2016 Kid 240 SL Action Team Blue

When the young ones start getting ambitious, the CUBE 240 SL may just be the winning ticket. We have created this bike as an exceptionally high-quality youth bike.

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