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Cumbria Bikeability

Bikeability has been introduced to help make cycling an everyday activity, an alternative mode of transport, a way to keep healthy and above all, lots of fun! Check out .

The Cyclewise team are all fully qualified 'National Standard Instructors' and are very pleased to be delivering the new National Cycling Award Scheme 'Bikeability' in Cumbria. This scheme is marketed as 'cycling proficiency for the 21st Century' and it certainly does bring cycle training out of the dark ages! As an 'Accredited Bikeability Centre' we are able to give out badges and certificates to all children taking part.
All our instructors are not only fully qualified Bikeability instructors and fully DBS checked, they also hold many other coaching, leadership and mechanical qualifications and have undertaken many other courses to ensure their continual development and enhance our reputation as one of the most qualified training providers in the U.K. Our instructors all live in Cumbria and know the roads and area very well and above all they are all regular cyclists and very passionate about what they do and extremely pleased and excited to be developing the cyclists of the future  


In 2009 Transport Minister Paul Clark came to Cumbria to make the huge announcement that £10 million pounds was being pumped into Bikeability cycle training nationwide for the next 3 years. It was a huge honour that he had chosen Cumbria and Cyclewise to make the announcement and it was testament to how successful the Bikeability delivery had been so far in Cumbria via Cyclewise that he decided to make the announcement at Skelton School. The children enjoyed chatting with the Minister and he asked them lots of questions about the cycle training they had received and presented them with their certificates.

Bikeability was developed by more than 20 professional organisations including the Royal Society for Prevention against Accidents and is supported by cross-Government departments including the Department for Transport, Department of Health and Department for Children, Schools and Families, putting safety at the forefront of the awards.

How does Bikeability work?
There are three Bikeability levels and children will be encouraged and inspired to achieve all three, recognising that there is always more to learn and to enjoy on a bike.

Level 1 is where you learn to take control your bike in a traffic free environment. By completing Level 1, you can show you have the skills to ride where there are no cars, safely and competently and that you are ready to start your  on road training.
But don't stop at Level 1!

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Level 2 is where you start to ride with real traffic using quieter roads. By completing Level 2 you can show you have the skills to make a trip safely on quiet roads and cycle lanes and maybe even competent enough to start riding to school.

Level 3 is where you can move up to busy roads and advanced road features. It's like driving or motorbike lessons and once you have done it you should be able to ride on most roads and understand the various road features you could come across on your journey. Normally you will not complete this level until you have started secondary school.

ccclogo_smallSo far we have delivered Bikeability to over 28000 children in partnership with Cumbria County Council and plan to deliver to another 4000 in 2015/16. We are very proud of this partnership and the training we deliver in Cumbria and the very good relationships we have developed with the schools we visit. We also enjoy the opportunity to get involved with other Cycling initiatives in the County and pride ourselves in the fact that our instructors always go that extra mile to make sure each child / adult receives the best possible cycling experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Bikeability Scheme, we will be very happy to help.