Beginners & Advanced Navigation Skills

NEW FOR 2015

These navigation courses are designed to give you the skills necessary to enable you to discover and explore natural trails.

We have created these courses due to the large number of leadership candidates that we meet who don't have the navigation capabilities required to either lead, explore or ride in confidence.
Getting lost is never a good thing when you are out riding on your own and it is significantly worse when you have a group that is looking to you to know what to do so gaining the correct skills and knowledge and being able to apply that out on the trail is essential. Where many people go wrong is that they do not realise that although mountain walking experience is useful, mountain bike navigation happens at such a quicker pace and within just a few turns you can find yourself in an area without the navigation features you were expecting to help you navigate your way to the next part of your journey - Hence you are then lost! Getting lost is easy, finding your way back is the hard part and where navigational competence is required.



Core Skills - Back To Basics

One of our most popular courses and the 4 most important skills you can ever learn when it comes to Mountain Biking. Become a better rider, bursting with confidence, new techniques and the control to handle the most difficult of terrain with ease. Many of our very experienced Leadership Course candidates have commented on the fact that they would have benefited immensely from learning these skills when they first started mountain biking, so why not join us and go 'back to basics'.

Intermediate Skills

This course is aimed at those riders who are already competent in the four Core Skills and are ready to take their mountain biking to the next level. Using video feedback and analysis, we will teach you to skim the rough stuff, ride drops like they don't exist, rail berms and clear obstacles using our purpose-built coaching trail.

Women's Skills

Why a women-only course? From past experience on our skills courses, we have found some women prefer to learn in a more 'supportive' all-girl environment. Read more for further information about our testosterone-free courses!

Maintenance Courses

Delivered from our classroom at Whinlatter, we aim to save you money by showing you just how easy bike maintenance really is. We offer 2 different courses to suit all abilities and requirements. Whether you just want to learn the basics or build on the knowledge you already have, we have a course for you.

Private Coaching

At Cyclewise we can offer Private Bespoke Coaching for groups or individuals of all ages (under 18's must be accompanied by an adult)

The option of Private Coaching gives our clients the chance to come along and have a coach at their disposal for a full day. Upon booking we will ask you what you would like to get out of the coaching session and find out a little about your previous experiences so that we can tailor the course to meet your specific requirements.

Family / Group Skills

The team at Cyclewise are dedicated to promoting cycling for all. Our Family / Group Skills sessions are aimed at all members of the family from age 8 to 80! and are available to book during the school holidays. These 3-hour-long private sessions for up to six will cater for your individual group's needs. Our coaches/tutors will be able to show you techniques to keep you riding and smiling with the emphasis being on fun for all the family.

Pump And Jump

Using our own purpose-built 'Cyclewise Coaching Trail', we will get you Pumping and Jumping like never before. This course is not for the faint-hearted and will be an adrenaline-pumping day to remember. We definitely recommend that you have attended a Core Skills or Leadership course as a prerequisite.

For many riders it seems that it is good luck rather than good judgment that is keeping you from doing yourself some real damage whilst riding table tops and doubles. We can help in two ways, great coaching & video feedback.

Mega Avalanche and Alpine Riding Training

This 2 day course is aimed at those riders heading off to the Alps this summer, particularly those competing in the Mega Avalanche race in the Alp D'Huez.