Bikeability has been introduced to help make cycling an everyday activity, an alternative mode of transport, a way to keep healthy and above all, lots of fun! Check out or click here for recent news report.

The Cyclewise team are all fully qualified 'National Standard Instructors' and are very pleased to be delivering the new National Cycling Award Scheme 'Bikeability' in Cumbria. This scheme is marketed as 'cycling proficiency for the 21st Century' and it certainly does bring cycle training out of the dark ages! As an 'Accredited Bikeability Centre' we are able to give out badges and certificates to all children taking part.
All our instructors are not only fully qualified Bikeability instructors and fully DBS checked, they also hold many other coaching, leadership and mechanical qualifications and have undertaken many other courses to ensure their continual development and enhance our reputation as one of the most qualified training providers in the U.K. Our instructors all live in Cumbria and know the roads and area very well and above all they are all regular cyclists and very passionate about what they do and extremely pleased and excited to be developing the cyclists of the future.

Cyclewise Academy

The aim of the Cyclewise Academy is really quite simple:

1. To provide opportunities for young bikers to enjoy fun, safe and exciting mountain biking in one of the world's best places to bike... the Lake District.
2. To provide a progressive structure of coaching/sessions to enable the riders to improve their technique/understanding of the sport and get more enjoyment from their riding.
3. If applicable, help identify the future champions of the sport and assist in realising their potential. 
4. Enable young riders to meet other like-minded young riders.

Cyclewise Academy was founded in 2010 with a goal of “Making it Happen”. We have a dedicated team of volunteer qualified leaders and a dynamic and growing membership of 8 to 18-year-olds who join us to enjoy this fantastic opportunity.

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Cyclewise Academy has also been the first to gain British Cycling Clubmark accreditation in the North of England.

Nursery Freewheelers

Cyclewise Nursery Freewheelers. Cycling fun for the little ones!!!

Our Freewheeler sessions are designed with younger riders in mind to set them off on their cycling journey with the best possible start.

A big hit with nursery schools, playgroups and children's parties, this introductory session teaches children all about balance, steering and stopping, using our own mobile fleet of pedal-free learner bikes.