Adult Bikeability


Over the years we have seen huge growth in large Industry wanting to provide an opportunity to provide safer, cleaner and more sustainable forms of travel for their workforce. Adult Bikeability Training has been designed to deliver this invaluable training.

We are the only Cumbrian Cycle training Company that has the Department of Transport, National Standards Bikeability Accreditation. This allows us to train and qualify staff to the current National Standards and in line with the current Health and Safety Guidelines. Cycle training is offered both off and on-site to help identify hazards and highways issues and then offer techniques and strategies for dealing with them. The majority of this training is offered at Level 3 standards, which are the highest of National standards offered by the Department of Transport.

Currently Cyclewise is working with the largest Cumbrian employer at Sellafield Nuclear sites who now have an active 10% of the workforce regularly riding onto site. That’s around 1000 cyclists that with Cyclewise training are helping Sellafield achieve less pollution, sustainable travel solutions and a healthier workforce.

Alongside this training we have recently partnered with Systems people training and are now providing Safe Urban Driving (SUD) to HGV drivers as part of their CPD requirements. This scheme allows the drivers to experience what it is like to be a vulnerable road user and to educate as to why cyclists are positioning themselves as they do.

Cyclewise offers a consultancy service that has a proven record of success in achieving safer cycling journeys to work, an increase in the employees riding to work and a decrease of cycling incidents onsite and offsite.

For more details about how to help make this happen at your business please call our Penrith Office on 01768 898775

We can also offer MTB Technical Advice & Consultancy and Legal Expert Biking Witness Services