Get your riding position just right, with help from our bike fit experts from Cyclewise. It will do wonders for your riding!

Whether you are a commuter, a weekend warrior or someone taking the sport seriously quite a lot of people think they have a good bike fit when maybe they don’t. A bike fit can make a huge impact on power, aerodynamics and comfort, so we really would encourage everyone to have theirs checked.



Bike Fit


The session will take 45-60 minutes. We will run through a range ofareas with you and your bike. Please arrive ideally in cycling kit or sports clothing, bring with your bike and appropriate footwear. In the session we will cover:


  • Posture
  • Setup & selection of shoes and cleats
  • Frame size
  • Saddle height & position
  • Handlebar height
  • Selection of recommended handlebars, saddle & stem



Bike fits are currently available at Cyclewise Cockermouth. To book an appointment, call the store or pop in. 

CALL 01900 821998