So your forks are in need of a bit of love! Forks and shocks are the most expensive parts on your bike and really worth keeping them in good repair. We are experienced in servicing all types of forks and shocks

Servicing is not just limited to Fox and Rock Shox either - we can also service other brands of suspension.

Even if you’re just after a bit of advice we can also help. Please click here to contact the Cyclewise Team and we’ll be more than happy to help with options and prices.

Fork & Shock Servicing Charges

Forks from £45 ( exc parts, seal kits and fluids)

Rear shocks from £30 (exc parts, seal kits and fluids)




from £45


  • Lowers removed
  • Rubber or foam seals removed
  • Lowers cleaned, degreased & dried
  • New seals fitted & oil levels replenished
  • Lockout assembly cleaned / greased
  • Talas assembly cleaned & greased
  • Air spring stripped, cleaned and reassembled if necessary
  • Forks reassembled and tested.




from £30


  • Air can removed, cleaned & dried
  • Old seals removed
  • Shock body cleaned & dried
  • New seals fitted
  • Air can & shock body lubricated
  • Seals lubricated
  • Shock reassembled


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